HEAIDS strongly condemns all forms of discrimination and violence

The Higher Education and Training HIV/ AIDS programme (HEAIDS) welcomes ex Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training Mduduzi Manana’s resignation from his position. As HEAIDS programme we strongly condemn all forms of sexual and gender based violence and believe that all citizens should be equal in front of the law.

We would like to include that when we talk about Sexual and Gender Based Violence in our sector we include any forms of violence against sexually diverse, transgender and gender diverse peoples. HEAIDS’s women’s, men and LGBTQI empowerment programs are developed to support these ends.

During the HEAIDS Sexual and Gender based violence dialogue, Ms. Criselda Kananda Dudumashe made comments that were hurtful to the transgender community. We are highly disappointed by these remarks. HEAIDS condemns these utterances and has relieved Ms. Dudumashe of her duties as HEAIDS ambassador. In this context, HEAIDS further extends sincerest apologies to everyone affected by these remarks.

HEAIDS continues to be committed to its mandate to ensure that youth and young people passing through our sector within all our 400 campuses countrywide are healthy and competent to take their rightful place in contributing to the economic growth of our country. We remain steadfast in our duty to mitigate the HIV/AIDS, TB, STI pandemic within the post-schooling sector.

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